Tell us a bit about yourself… I was born and raised in Polokwane, Limpopo. I then moved to Pietermaritzburg to study at UKZN, where I completed my Batchelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. I then decided to study law and ultimately completed my LLB degree in 2012. I concluded my articles at Randles...
PGPS LegalBrief CyberCrime Act
“…cybercrime has increased by over 300% during the COVID-19 pandemic – making it one of the biggest threats to businesses around the globe.” (Property 24 report) The Cybercrimes Act, which has been years in the making, is now (with effect from 1 December 2021) at last largely in force. Although some provisions still remain on...
PGPS LegalBrief Employee Dismissal
“This is dishonest conduct of a kind which clearly negatively impairs upon a relationship of trust between an employer and employee.” (Extract from judgment below) An all-too-common complaint in workplaces comes from employers who notice a sudden surge in employees calling in sick on the day of a major sports fixture, or perhaps just on...
PGPS Attorneys LegalBrief Life Partners Cohabitation Will
“Census data of 2016 reveals that approximately 3.2 million South Africans cohabit outside of marriage and that this number is increasing steadily.” (Extract from judgment below) What happens if your life partner dies without leaving you anything in their will (“Last Will and Testament”)? Do you have the same protections as married spouses do? A...
PGPS Attorneys LegalBrief Property Practitioners Act
“… a property is an asset to enhance economic activity, growth and development…” (extract from preamble to the Property Practitioners Act) The Property Practitioners Act (“PPA”) finally comes into effect on 1 February 2022. It has major ramifications for everyone involved in the property industry, but in this article, we’ll concentrate only on aspects of...

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