November 4, 2021
PGPS Attorneys Pietermaritzburg LegalBrief Birth Registrations
“Whilst the Act no longer uses the term “illegitimate child” this is implied by the reference to so-called children “born out of wedlock” which continues to perpetuate the common law distinction between so-called “legitimate” and “illegitimate” children. This reference is a stark reminder that we, as a nation, are still grappling with outmoded legal terminology...
PGPS Attorneys Pietermaritzburg LegalBrief Exemption Clauses
“… he did not think that he was binding himself ‘to all sorts of fine print that I can’t even read’.” (Extract from judgment below, describing evidence given by the customer during the trial) For suppliers of goods or services, incorporating a strong, clearly worded exemption clause (a clause excluding or restricting your liability to...
PGPS Attorneys Pietermaritzburg LegalBrief Facebook Post
“The seriousness and gravity of offences involving racism and racial hatred cannot be over-emphasised. Employers are under a duty to provide a safe working environment and to protect all employees from harm, whether physical or emotional, whether they are black or white. An employer can be held liable for failure to take any action against...
PGPS Attorneys Pietermaritzburg LegalBrief Community Scheme Disputes
“[The Ombud} has been given wide inquisitorial powers whereby such disputes can be resolved as informally and cheaply as possible by means of qualified conciliators and adjudicators, without the need for legal representation, save in certain limited circumstances.” (Extract from first judgment below) If you have a dispute with anyone in a “Community Scheme” –...
PGPS Attorneys Mandatory Vaccination in the worklplace Hafsa Rajub
As the pandemic rages on, with no end in sight, the vaccine debate also surges ahead. From civil liberties to body autonomy to public responsibility in shared spaces to lowering the risk of infection for the vulnerable – passionate opinions and thoughts have been expressed. With the return to onsite work environments, a move towards...

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