Budget 2024: Your Tax Tables and Tax Calculator How much will you be paying in income tax, petrol and sin taxes? Use Fin 24’s four-step Budget Calculator here to find out.  The unchanged transfer duty and tax tables, with a note on fiscal drag Unchanged from last year, so taxpayers can breathe a sigh of...
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FUNERALS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Is the wrapping of coffins unnecessary? Since the Covid-19 pandemic has made its way to South Africa, the burial of loved ones has not been the same. It has become common practice for coffins to be wrapped in plastic. This is perceived to be a precautionary and safety measure in...
Introduction The National Assembly recently passed the Recognition of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill, which has fundamental financial implications regarding customary marriages in South Africa. The draft bill seeks to amend certain provisions of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act (the Act) and bring the provisions of the Act in line with the Constitutional Court ruling...

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